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This Friday's Supper Club Canceled
posted May 21, 2015

This Friday's (May 22) Supper Club is canceled due to minimal reservations. Not terribly unexpected as we head into the Memorial Day weekend. We'll see you in the picnic grove adn the pool this weekend!
Washington Nationals Baseball Nationals Family Outing!
posted May 4, 2015

Tickets for EDW’S day at the Park are now on sale. What better father-son/daughter bonding outing is there? Join us July 18 when our Nats take on the Dodgers. We’ll tailgate at the mansion with drinks and all-you-can-eat food and prizes!! We’ll take a couple buses to the game and return to EDW. All for $57.50 per ticket.

We only purchased 100 tickets for this game, they WILL sell out. All tickets must be purchased online. Don’t be left out, buy early!
Pool Notice
posted April 25, 2015

As of April 24th we have reached our limit for NON-EDW Pool Memberships for this summer. If anything changes there will be a post on the pool page in the next few weeks. EDW Members please be advised as you are still eligible to register for this summer. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Nick Beirne at 703-536-9656 Ext.310 or via email at Operations@columbusclubevents.com.
Saint Valentine was a good dancer A Special Easter Message
posted April 4, 2015

Dear brother knights and your families,
A blessed and beautiful Easter to all of you. May your lives be filled with the joy and love that God not only promises to us but also fulfills through the resurrection of His beloved Son Jesus.

As Pope Francis points out in his apostolic letter, “The Joy of the Gospel”: “Jesus’ resurrection is not an event of the past; it is a vital power which continues to permeate the world.”

This vital mystery of our faith transforms our lives just as it did for those early disciples. Because of the risen Jesus and their faith in him, they be-came new men and women. Their example is important to us as Knights of Columbus because we live in a very indifferent and cruel world. We can feel overburdened, grow weary and even think of giving up. It is at times like these that we must cling to the reality of Jesus’ resurrection.

For this reason, when an opportunity arises to offer hope to another person, to share our faith, or ease their way to see their needs, let us be quick and eager to do so. And we do this because we have been invigorated by Jesus’ revelation of God’s love for each of us—and this love is to be shared by all.

During this Easter time as we celebrate the spirit of new life we have received from our risen Lord, let us ask the Lord for a new vision so that we may have a better understanding of our human frailties and come to believe in the good news of Jesus’ resurrection just as Mary Magdalene and the Beloved Disciple did. With the renewal of our Baptismal promises, let us replenish our call to faith in the resurrection, and re-commit ourselves to lead a life worthy of this calling we have received from God. And may this recommitment help us to go forth and proclaim the “good news” of Jesus’ resurrection. May God’s blessing be upon you and your families.

Fr. Joseph Giordano, CICM
Edward Douglass White Council 2473
Saint Valentine was a good dancer Easter Egg Hunt
posted March 28, 2015

This is one of our coolest events please plan to join us for the annual Easter Egg hunt. We will meet on the steps of the Council Home at noon. Please be prompt, this event starts on time and the eggs do not last long. We will have prizes and food. The Easter bunny will also be in attendance. See you there on April 4 at noon!

For the families who this will be your first year at the hunt, this is without a doubt our quickest event! The hunt will be over in less than three minutes. Please make sure your children are lined up and ready to run exactly at noon! There will be separate zones for differing age groups, so bring your newborns!

There will also be games, prizes and snacks inside the mansion for the hunters. If it’s raining the hunt will be moved inside the main hall.

Let’s not forget that the Easter egg is the symbol of Christ’s Resurrection. As Jesus rises from the tomb, a chick hatches from the shell and begins life!
March for Marriage
posted March 23, 2015


March for Marriage: April 25th, 2015. Washington, D.C. On the Capitol Grounds

Check www.marriagemarch.org for the latest details and information.
Your Friend Can Be our 2,000th Brother!
posted February 11, 2015

Looking to bring a friend or a neighbor into the Knights of Columbus? We will be holding a First Degree initiation on February 19 at 7:30pm. Potential candidates need to contact our membership chairman, Greg Strizek, in advance. They or their sponsor can get a hold of Greg by email at membership@kofcedw2473.org for a qualification interview and advance paperwork.

EDW’s remaining membership degree schedule for this fraternal year can be found on our membership webpage.

At the February 19 1st Degree initiation we will welcome our 2,000th new member to EDW! You can earn the bragging rights and win a great Nike wind shirt by being the brother who sponsors that lucky recruit. The 2,000 member will be determined by a random draw of the initiates on Feb 19. The new member and his sponsor will each win a Nike wind shirt personalized with the council name and “2,000 Brother” or ”2,000 Sponsor” stitched on it.

All other new EDW brothers and sponsors on Feb 19 will also receive a commemorative item as part of this special class.

The New eEDW System
Posted August 1st, 2013

Join the New Information Wave! We're rolling out our much-requested, brand-spanking-new email system. It will allow us to complement the Knight Life, website, and other materials with up-to-date information targeted to deliver exactly what you want to receive from us. This includes receiving the Knight Life by email in advance of the USPS version. When you register you'll be able to pick and choose what you wish to be emailed to you.

To register: http://bit.ly/EDWesignup

Or, email EDWKofC@hotmail.com to request a registration form.

EDW Magnet Support KOVAR with New EDW Decal or Magnet.
posted August 13, 2012

Display your EDW pride as you ride around town with this version of the ubiquitous oval car magnet. Visit the EDW "storefront" at CafePress and purchase one or more. Each item is marked up $5 (above the base costs, i.e., CafePress' cost). All of the markup will be forwarded to KOVAR. If this proves popular and successful in raising a little charity cash, more items will be added. So, be the first to get one!
Getting Involved
posted November 11, 2010

During my tenure as Membership Chairman, I've learned that a too-large percentage of our members fail to get involved for one reason or another. Among those reason, I suspect, are not being sure how and being a little too shy to ask. For the benefit of our "rookies" and "veterans" I've begun to compile a list of different ways to get involved. Some require a committment. Some are laughably easy. All are important to the Council.

If you are looking for a way to get integrated at EDW, please REVIEW THIS LIST. The list is by no means comprehensive -- so if you know of something I've neglected, please let me know and I'll continue to add to it.
Get Posted! (on the Website)
posted May 24, 2011

Got and EDW activity to promote? Need to put out a call for volunteers? Want to brag about a recent charitable event? Try reachin' out via this website. How? It's easy.

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