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Welcome Virginia!!
posted January 12, 2015

Knights of Columbus Edward Douglass White Council 2473 welcomes our State Deputy, Steve Burnley, the Knights of Columbus Virginia State Council and all our brother councils from throughout the Commonwealth to the State's Mid-Year Meeting.

With the State Council's efficiency and professionalism as well as EDW's hospitality we know you will have a very productive and fun weekend in Arlington. If there is anything EDW can do for you while you're in Arlington and on our campus please do not hesitate to ask one of us!

The official agenda can be found by clicking here. The Holiday Inn Key Bridge hospitality suite is being staffed courtesy of District 13, thank you Kevin Palgutt.

On Sunday if you want to have breakfast before leaving town EDW will be hosting our monthly Family Breakfast from 9am to Noon in the main hall. We have fresh-made omelets and Belgian waffles and a 13-station buffet line. All for $10 per adult.

At Noon on Sundays EDW prays the Rosary in Mary’s Circle, in front of our Council Mansion. You are welcome to join us.

You can check us out online below

Vivat Jesus!
John White, Grand Knight

EDW Adopts Four Seminarians this Academic Year
posted January 12, 2015

Once again our council, in consultation with Fr. Jaffe at the diocese’s Office of Vocations, has adopted seminarians this year.

In the past we have adopted two but, at the direction of Grand Knight John White, we have increased that total to four. In the name of EDW and all its members we have sent each seminarian below a check for $500.00 to help defray some personal expenses this academic year.

Please pray for these men as they answer the call to serve our Holy Church in the priesthood. We have provided their mailing and email addresses below. EDW is proud to participate in the program which is strongly promoted by Supreme. Kenny Goss PGK dedicates one decade or each Sunday rosary to our pope, our bishop, our parish priests, Fr. Joe and our seminarians.

Please write or email them to let them know EDW is thinking of them and they are in our prayer. You can find their contact information in the January Knight Life
Knight of the Month: December 2014
posted January 12, 2015

Erik Koons is one of our quieter members who doesn’t run a committee or head up an event so I understand if you read his name and say “who?”

Erik has been an invaluable part of EDW since his family joined the Knights of Columbus in 2011. The Koons can often be found at the pool in the summer months as well as at various volunteer events especially the Honor Flight meals. Those are very good and worthy commitments on Erik and his family’s part, however, Erik has also been serving as the Columbus Club’s pro bono attorney. In this position Erik, and his D.C. firm, Baker Botts, where he’s a partner, has assisted the club by providing legal advice on numerous issues. Most recently, he successfully guided us through a dispute involving a contractor’s parking agreement with the club.

For all Erik has done and continues to do for the club and EDW we thank you, Erik, and will contribute a gift to St. Agnes.
Keep Christ in Christmas New Year's Eve Gala
posted December 30, 2014

New Year's Eve ticket sales have now closed for this year. If you are one of the lucky members attending please enjoy a great time and remember to drink responsibly. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Bob Muschamp
New Year's Eve chairman
Keep Christ in Christmas EDW's Annual Christmas Party
posted November 8, 2014

The EDW Council cordially invites you to our Annual Christmas Party Thursday December 18th at 7:30 in the Main Ballroom. All members and their spouses are invited.

Door prizes; 50-50 raffle; Drawings; hot buffet; open bar.

This is an annual gift of appreciation to all our brothers and their wives who have donated their time and finances throughout the year to allow our Knights of Columbus council to fulfill our mission. We kindly ask, however, for you to bring a canned or other nonperishable food item or a cash donation that EDW can donate to AFAC – Arlington Food Assistance Center.

Thank you for all you've done this year for our Church, our parishes, Arlington, the Knights of Columbus and EDW!!

WE ARE ASKING FOR A $10 DONATION AT THE DOOR TO AID THE BARKES FAMILY. The Barkes family suffered a tragic home fire in November where the mother and one of the two daughters perished in the fire.
EDW's Thanksgiving Videos
posted December 2, 2014

The KofC EDW Council Thanksgiving Dinner has past, and, thanks to your generosity was a big success. We made more than one newscast, plus earned a Twitter shoutout from KofC Supreme.

Visit our Thanksgiving page for more videos.
Captain Mark Fish Club Ho Ho Ho Christmas Party
posted November 21, 2014

December 6th, 2014 in the Old Council Home at 6:00pm. Hope to see you there. Bring a side dish or dessert. Fish Club dues are due.

— Captain Mark
Knight of the Month: November 2014
posted November 20, 2014

One of the great things about our council and its large size is that we have many brothers in nearly every line of work. We have such a wide variety of charitable endeavors and need to tap into the wealth of professional diversity of our membership to get things done and make every penny we bring in count. Several years ago we decided to explore new banking arrangements; we were at a large bank with no connections to EDW that had zero interest in knowing what we do and in helping us to fulfill our mission. That’s when we got in touch with member John Brough who just happened to be CEO of Chain Bridge Bank in McLean. Nothing had to be explained, no sales pitch to be made to get favorable terms, etc. John stepped up immediately and took good care of our [his!] money. John is a 17 year member of EDW, a frequent volunteer at many events, a member of the board of governors for, and an alumnus of, Bishop O’Connell High School and a former member of the Diocese of Arlington Office of Catholic Schools strategic planning committee. We are grateful for members like John who step up to the plate so we can help as many people as we can every year.

In thanks for his constant volunteerism we will be making a donation to St. Agnes parish in his honor.
EDW: An award winning council!
posted October 29, 2014

Crabtastic At the October Virginia State Council meeting EDW walked away with three awards for our 2013-2014 fraternal year recruitment efforts. Every member who brought in a friend, a neighbor or a relative as a new member: thank you! Special thanks go to last year's grand knight Steve McTeague and membership chairman Greg Strizek.

The top prize; the Contest of Championsis awarded each year to the council with the largest net gain of new members. We won with a net gain of 75 new members.

The next award was for more than doubling our Supreme-issued quota of 35 new members for the year. Steve, Greg and those who sponsored a new member helped us to receive the Double Star Award. Two councils in the state won Triple Star status, and one council, Salem, for the first time in the history of the Order incredibly earned Quadruple Star status. We now have a new goal to reach: quadruple status!

Finally, within the Arlington diocese we won Supreme's Race to the Finishcontest with those 75 new members.

Because of all the hard work from you we continue to grow every year and remain the second largest council in the Order. We want, with your help, to grow EDW to 2,092 members this year. We need each brother to simply ask a friend, a neighbor, a relative to join our great council. With the rewarding volunteerism we do and the great fun we have it really doesn't take much of a sales pitch to convince them to get onboard!

It's been said that some new members, when asked, "How come you never joined us earlier?" answer with "I was never asked!" It's time for each of us to ask a fellow Catholic.

The New eEDW System
Posted August 1st, 2013

Join the New Information Wave! We're rolling out our much-requested, brand-spanking-new email system. It will allow us to complement the Knight Life, website, and other materials with up-to-date information targeted to deliver exactly what you want to receive from us. This includes receiving the Knight Life by email in advance of the USPS version. When you register you'll be able to pick and choose what you wish to be emailed to you.

To register: http://bit.ly/EDWesignup

Or, email EDWKofC@hotmail.com to request a registration form.

EDW Magnet Support KOVAR with New EDW Decal or Magnet.
posted August 13, 2012

Display your EDW pride as you ride around town with this version of the ubiquitous oval car magnet. Visit the EDW "storefront" at CafePress and purchase one or more. Each item is marked up $5 (above the base costs, i.e., CafePress' cost). All of the markup will be forwarded to KOVAR. If this proves popular and successful in raising a little charity cash, more items will be added. So, be the first to get one!
Getting Involved
posted November 11, 2010

During my tenure as Membership Chairman, I've learned that a too-large percentage of our members fail to get involved for one reason or another. Among those reason, I suspect, are not being sure how and being a little too shy to ask. For the benefit of our "rookies" and "veterans" I've begun to compile a list of different ways to get involved. Some require a committment. Some are laughably easy. All are important to the Council.

If you are looking for a way to get integrated at EDW, please REVIEW THIS LIST. The list is by no means comprehensive -- so if you know of something I've neglected, please let me know and I'll continue to add to it.
Get Posted! (on the Website)
posted May 24, 2011

Got and EDW activity to promote? Need to put out a call for volunteers? Want to brag about a recent charitable event? Try reachin' out via this website. How? It's easy.

United States of America Please keep in your prayers our nation's veterans, many from our own Council, who have served and continue to serve.
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