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Free Valet Parking for Easter Brunch
posted April 10, 2014

At this year's Easter Brunch Crystal Valet will be offering FREE valet parking starting at 11am. Just pull up to the front of the Main Hall. The Annual Easter Brunch is, of course, on April 20th from 11:00am to 2:30pm in the Main Ballroom. The menu, prices can be found in the April Knight Life on page 6. Reservations must be made by April 16th; call 703-536-9656 x311
Knight of the Month: February 2014
posted April 10, 2014

I would like to recognize PGK Rick Vranesh as Knight of the Month for April, 2014. Rick is also a former District Deputy.

By now you should have a copy of our most recent membership directory. Rick has headed up the directory project for a number of years. I think this edition is his best, full of interesting EDW and Arlington county information.

Rick also is the Knight Life advertising chairman. The advertising space is consistently sold out which lessens the cost to the council.

Please join me in recognizing and thanking Rick for all he does for our council and other worthy organizations he works with. Thanks Rick, Knight of the Month for April 2014.
Recruit Family or Friend for May and June Initiations

Our State Deputy has challenged EDW to achieve Triple Star Council status. If sucessful, we'd be the first in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Any EDW member can help us acheive this goal by recruiting a member; net membership gain is one of the criterion. We are ahead of our pace of last year with two big degree dates still to come. Now is the time, if you have that friend, neighbor, co-worker whom you have thought about asking to join us, or who has asked you, to seal the deal and get him to a degree. Those dates are May 15 and June 19 -- the final two for this Fraternal Year. Check this website's Membership page and/or contact Membership Chairman Greg Strizek.
Easter Egg Easter at EDW
posted March 24, 2014

Please plan to join us on Saturday, April 19 at 12:00 p.m. for the annual Easter Egg hunt. We will meet on the steps of the Council Home at noon. Please be prompt, this event starts on time and the eggs do not last long. We will have prizes and food. The Easter bunny will also be in attendance. See you there on April 19 at noon!
Pontiff Portrait Finished and Framed

The completion of the Council’s portrait of Pope Francis was just in time for the 1 year anniversary of the Conclave. Thanks to those who urged me on – I hope you enjoy it. I've dedicated the Francis portrait to the memory of Brother Matt McGlade.

Many thanks to Art and Frame of Falls Church for your material, time and talent (703-534-4202, www.artandframeoffallschurch.com). Owner Tom Gittins donated the framing as he did for the Benedict XVI portrait back in 2006. Art and Frame is located at 111 Park Avenue in the heart of Falls Church city. Please consider giving them your business in the future to show our appreciation as a Council. Besides their quality framing, Tom founded FIRSTfriday of Falls Church. This once-a-month event has been promoting and supporting local artists and businesses for many years. Please consider checking out the next FIRSTfriday (more information at the website).

- AJ Valinote, Advocate
Easter Egg Looking for Lifegaurds
posted March 3, 2014

Would your son or daughter like to be a lifeguard this summer at the Knights of Columbus? If they are at least 15 years of age they can attend our hiring event March 15 in the office located in the Main Hall from 8:00am to 11:00am. If you’ve spent any time at our pool you’ve seen the camaraderie that our lifeguards have for each other and the Knights’ families. What better way for your teenager to spend their summer and earn some money?
Easter Egg An Easter Tradition at EDW
posted February 24, 2014

We’re now taking orders for traditional Easter baskets filled with Easter treats! Your kids will love them and you’ll love outsourcing the work. Nanette O’Neill has been lovingly assembling the baskets for years for EDW. She offers two sizes, $20 and $25. Orders must be made by April 11. Please call Nanette at 703-955-9116 to order and ask any questions.
Knight of the Month: February 2014
posted February 23, 2014

I would like to recognize Bob Muschamp as Knight of the Month for February, 2014. Bob has run our annual New Year’s Eve dinner and dance for a number of years now and it just keeps getting better. Bob also is a Red Coat captain and rounds up the volunteers who mail out your Knight Life each month.

Please join me in congratulating Bob Muschamp as our Knight of the Month for February, 2014. Thanks to him and Pat for their support of our council and club.
Knight of the Month: January 2014
posted January 21, 2014

I would like to recognize Al Camacho as the Knight of the Month for January, 2014. Al is a long-time member of our council and club who has served in various capacities over the years. Al is also a regular in the Council Home.

I am choosing Al because I consider him one of the voices of our membership. Al has given me good advice and wise counsel during my term as Grand Knight. I think Al is one who is able to see issues from two sides and form a considered opinion based on that. We may not agree but it never gets personal.

For his dedication to EDW and his concern for our member- ship please join me in congratulating Al Camacho, Knight of the Month for January, 2014.
James, the Grand Knight 5th Annual King Cake Party!
posted December 3, 2013

DATE: Thursday, January 23, 2014
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
PLACE: EDW Council Home, Blue Room

Open to all Knights, spouses, children, friends, and guests. Cash bar, complimentary soft drinks, snacks, food, music and most of all, King Cake! Come learn the true meaning of Epiphany, Mardi Gras, and the Three Wise Men, with a touch of Louisiana Cajun French culture! See who will be crowned this year's Kings and Queens, and receive a good luck blessing from our Chaplain, Father Joe Giordano. Get out your purple, gold, and green, Mardi Gras, masks, costumes, beads, and other garb! There will be a costume contest! Prizes will be for best man, best, woman, boy, girl, couple, group, and new this year, best family! And there will be a 50/50 and door prize drawings with the proceeds benefiting KOVAR. Visit the EDW Special Activities page on Facebook at: K of C EDW #2473 Special Activities.

If you have any questions, need further information, or want to help, contact Norm at either (703) 263-9771, or LouisianaKnightNorm@yahoo.com. Take care! BONNE CHANCE! (Good Luck!) LAIZZEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULER! (Let The Good Times Roll!)

The New eEDW System
Posted August 1st, 2013

Join the New Information Wave! We're rolling out our much-requested, brand-spanking-new email system. It will allow us to complement the Knight Life, website, and other materials with up-to-date information targeted to deliver exactly what you want to receive from us. This includes receiving the Knight Life by email in advance of the USPS version. When you register you'll be able to pick and choose what you wish to be emailed to you.

To register: http://bit.ly/EDWesignup

Or, email EDWKofC@hotmail.com to request a registration form.

EDW "Redcoats" — Join Us!
posted June 12, 2013

An invitation to: New members of EDW; old(er) members; also recently retired members (with more free-time). The "Redcoats" (aka Waiters) are an "institution" at EDW, having served this Council for nearly 60 years. We have five "teams" and approximately 100 active waiters. We're always in need of, and will welcome new members. No experience, or Resume required! Being an EDW Redcoat is a great way to get involved with, and help your Council; also to meet several brother Knights. For more information and to "enlist" contact: Bob Muschamp, 703-489-2856.
EDW Magnet Support KOVAR with New EDW Decal or Magnet.
posted August 13, 2012

Display your EDW pride as you ride around town with this version of the ubiquitous oval car magnet. Visit the EDW "storefront" at CafePress and purchase one or more. Each item is marked up $5 (above the base costs, i.e., CafePress' cost). All of the markup will be forwarded to KOVAR. If this proves popular and successful in raising a little charity cash, more items will be added. So, be the first to get one!
Getting Involved
posted November 11, 2010

During my tenure as Membership Chairman, I've learned that a too-large percentage of our members fail to get involved for one reason or another. Among those reason, I suspect, are not being sure how and being a little too shy to ask. For the benefit of our "rookies" and "veterans" I've begun to compile a list of different ways to get involved. Some require a committment. Some are laughably easy. All are important to the Council.

If you are looking for a way to get integrated at EDW, please REVIEW THIS LIST. The list is by no means comprehensive -- so if you know of something I've neglected, please let me know and I'll continue to add to it.
Get Posted! (on the Website)
posted May 24, 2011

Got and EDW activity to promote? Need to put out a call for volunteers? Want to brag about a recent charitable event? Try reachin' out via this website. How? It's easy.

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